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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few questions and answers that may help you to get the best out of StoreroomRental.com.au.  If you still have any questions, please contact us by email or call us on 02 8006 1224.


Q. How much should I charge?

 A. This depends on how big and how convenient the space you have to offer is but you should choose an amount that will make it easily rentable so that it starts paying you an income quickly. If you ever want to change the price before someone rents it, you can easily do that by simply logging in and making the change.


Q. Will having a lockable Spare Space help?

A. If your Spare Space is lockable, you can generally ask a little more in rent and it could be a bit easier to rent however not everyone needs locks.


Q.  I have entered all the details of my Spare Space but I can't see it listed on StoreroomRental.com.au

 A. To ensure that nasty bits don't get through onto the live site, we check and approve every one of our listings - and that may sometimes take a few hours to catch up with them all.


Q. Can I talk to someone at StoreroomRental.com.au and can they help me advertise ideal spare space I have?

 A. Of course you can! We are always happy to help.  Please feel free to call or email us. Email is often the best way.


Q. What should I negotiate and discuss?

A. All negotiations are the responsibility of the two parties however, you should consider the following in your discussions.

  • Collect ID from each other such as drivers licenses etc.
  • Agree on the payment details including the amount of rent, when it will be payable (monthly, weekly, upfront etc), will the payment be in cash or a cheque or by direct deposit into your bank account etc?
  • Access times. Is there 24 hour access, 7 days a week or what times is it accessible?
  • Deposit. Is a security deposit required?
  • Remote control. If a remote control is involved, will there generally be a security deposit required for it.
  • Ask for a reference if you would like one.


Q. Why isn't a map appearing with my Spare Space listing?

A. We use Google Maps to help people find their ideal storage space and sometimes Google just doesn't cover every square inch of the globe. The more likely reason is that the details entered may be slightly different to what Google reads. For example, 'Street' instead of 'Avenue', number 2/48 instead of 48 or Perth Airport West instead of Perth Airport. If you can't get the map working for your listing, please email us and we'll be happy to work on it with you to see if we can get it working. 



Q. What are the insurance implications of renting out a space or using a space?

A.  Depending on your insurance company and on what kind of policy you have, the cover provided will differ. We recommend that you contact your home insurance provider to confirm that your policy covers you for renting out your spare space.


Q. What do I do if a Java.com logo pops up?

A. It simply means that a free java.com update is needed on your computer and will help you to navigate our website more easily. 


Q. Will my actual street address appear with my listing?

A. Your number in the street is only shown to a potential renter or purchaser when they apply to you. Even though we do not show it with your listing, Google Maps, however, will often pinpoint the location.


If you can't find what you are after in this section, please contact us and we will get back to you - usually within a few hours if we are unable to immediately assist you. 


StoreroomRental.com.au enables you to receive an income from any Spare Space that you have at home or at work. We list ideal storage spaces.


To advertise ideal spare space you have today - please click here

To find ideal spare space for rent - please click here!

Unlike the traditional idea of using a commercial storage facility or having to look through the to-let ads, the storage spaces listed on StoreroomRental.com.au may be in someone's house or backyard or where they work. That is, they are close to where people need them.


If are looking for the ideal place to store something like exercise equipment, a pile of books, a surfboard, an old computer, a car or a boat then you can easily find ideal spare space completely free here at StoreroomRental.com.au. 


Once you have found your ideal storeroom location, StoreroomRental.com.au easily links you by email with the owner of the space and you can then finalise rental details directly with them. Relevant details of the storage space are listed on the site such as rental costs, whether a bond is required and whether the space is lockable. It even offers the ability to ask the person renting the space for a reference. Our location maps will also help to make it an easy web site to use.


When creating StoreroomRental.com.au we saw a need for storage spaces to become more flexible and to be in locations and sizes that were more suited to people's needs. People who were renting or house sharing didn't always have room for a surfboard or an exercise bike but a house in the same street might - and StoreroomRental.com.au is now making the introductions. A person looking for somewhere to store their fishing boat near a boat ramp was one of the first to use the site. Another early user was a person looking for a space to park close to their work.


There is no charge to search for storage space at StoreroomRental.com.au which lists both private and commercial storage spaces around Australia and there is a once only fee of $16.50 including gst if you wish to turn your spare space into income. A rate is also available for commercial storage companies to list all their available locations.


Please have a look through StoreroomRental.com.au and see how we can help you to make some money or to find your ideal Storage Space.



The StoreroomRental.com.au Team


Q. How secure is the financial information I provide?

A. Security of your financial information is paramount to us which is one of the reasons that we chose to partner with PayPal.  When you pay with PayPal, your credit card and bank details are never seen by the person renting the storage space and are not kept on our servers.  Your financial information stays safe.


Q. What name will appear on my Credit Card or PayPal statement?

A. StoreroomRental.com.au is owned and run by an Australian company, National Corporate Services Pty Ltd and this is the name that will appear on your Statement.


Q. Will you send me a GST Tax Invoice?

A.  Of course! A GST Tax Invoice will be emailed to the address provided by you.


 Q. Can I Pay on Account to list my Spare Space?

A. Yes. We are happy to oblige. If you prefer to pay on account, we will issue a GST Tax Invoice to you and your information will go live as soon as payment is received.  You will see how easily this can be done as you process your spare space.