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Here we will be putting some pieces of information such as what people are particularly looking for at the moment together with some trends. Meanwhile, please enjoy some news from the press.
We are now FREE to list your Spare Space!

I have been reading about the problems that people are having finding places over here in Australia to store their stuff after the floods and cyclone until they can get it back into their repaired homes.

StoreroomRental.com.au is just the website that can help. Of course, we used to charge to list here but I just made it free so that I can help them. Anyone with any spare space that they have at work or at home can now LIST IT FOR FREE so that people can find some storage space that they need close to them.

I’d like to be able to help these people so please tell anyone that has any spare storage space in their home or work to list it on http//www.storeroomrental.com.au for nothing and help these people who are really doing it tough.

If you can’t remember the name of our website, google “find storage” and it sits at the top under the paid ads. Thanks for helping.

Media Article - Space exchange: storage unlimited.

Manly Daily

8th April 2010 - page 19

A Manly resident says he has come up with a unique idea that will appeal to householders with either excess or insufficient storage problems.  Stuart Hely says his StoreroomRental.com.au website allows users to search for space anywhere in Australia, as an alternative to renting commercial space.


Meanwhile, those with spare garages, bedrooms, backyards and even parking spaces, can capitalise on their excess room, gaining additional income in the process.


“Homes and businesses with some spare space can earn an ongoing income rental on the space that they are not using” he said.


“Relevant details of each storage space are listed on the website including rental costs, size, if a bond is required and if the space is lockable.”


“References can even be requested from renters”.


Mr Hely said the website is postcode-based to enable users to match the area with their space requirements and that specific addresses are not listed for privacy reasons.


He said the site works particularly well on the peninsula where boat owners are typically short of storage space, often having to resort to using residential streets to store their boats near they want to launch them.


“The reason that people travel to and park their boats on roads in Manly, such as Kenneth Road, is because it's close to where they want their boats to live” he said.


“This creates a great opportunity for home owners or renters in the area with additional space to rent out their garage, driveway or backyard to make some money while also clearing up Manly's streets.”


Manly Daily
8th April 2010 - page 19
PRESS RELEASE: Australian Storeroom Rental Company Makes Money Appear Out Of Thin Air
Spare Rooms And Empty Closets Have Never Been More Profitable

22 July, 2009. Sydney, Australia – Conjuring something out of nothing is usually a trick left to stage magicians, but one Australian company is making money appear out of thin air and amazing their audience while they do it. Whilst most magicians won't give away their secret, StoreroomRental.com.au eagerly tells everyone it meets.
Here's the problem: Most homes and offices have unused spaces that do nothing but collect dust. These spaces go wasted but still add to overhead costs to heat, cool, or illuminate. StoreroomRental.com.au helps homeowners and businesses recapture value from lost space by renting it out to those with unique storage needs.
Stuart Hely, Founder and CEO, illustrates how StoreroomRental.com.au works: "One homeowner might not need all the rooms in his house while a nearby unit dweller might need a place to store some of her belongings. The homeowner lists his space on StoreroomRental.com.au and the other person finds the solution to her storage needs. The homeowner earns a modest fee for renting his room while the renter has the convenience and security of a nearby storage facility."
Whilst a storage box or storage locker might be fine for some situations, not everyone has the budget, proximity, or storage needs for a space of that size and not in an ideal location. A shop owner might want to rent nearby space for a fridge for convenient ready-to-stock products. A band might want a weatherproof room in a warm, dry home to store instruments when they're not on the road. A young person might require a few square metres of garage space for extra furniture when he is rooming with a group of friends.  A business might have stock it needs to store in the off-season but doesn’t want to incur excessive warehousing costs.
Those who need storage space can visit StoreroomRental.com.au and browse for free, searching by location. A map helps to focus in on a specific area for locating conveniently close storage. Homes and businesses with storage space to rent can list their storage space for a small one-time listing fee of $15+gst, and can earn an ongoing rental income on space they weren't using. Relevant details of each storage space are listed on the site including: rental costs, size, whether a bond is required and if the space is lockable. References can be requested as well. Professional storage companies can even list their rental spaces under a separate storage company fee structure.
Hely describes the reaction people have when they learn about the service: "It's one of those ideas that make perfect sense as soon as it's heard. When we describe our service to others, we see them thinking furiously about the potential revenue they can earn from all the empty storage space they have in their home, garage, shed, and office. Or, we see them thinking about how they finally have a convenient and safe place to put some of their overflow items."
Homeowners, businesses, and professional storage companies are also invited to visit StoreroomRental.com.au to learn more about the services provided and to add their available storage sites to the listings. Those who need storage are welcome to browse http://www.StoreroomRental.com.au at their convenience. For media inquiries and all other questions, please contact us at Stuart@StoreroomRental.com.au.