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We are a proudly Australian owned and run website dedicated to helping people find their ideal storage space as well as helping people make money from their space space.

StoreroomRental.com.au introduces people who are looking for some ideally located storage space to people who have a bit of spare space at their home or work and would like to earn some extra income from it.
For Spare Space owners, you can make some extra income from the space that you don’t use.  We will promote your spare space for free (without revealing all the details to people up front) across Australia on the web and in the media.
If you need somewhere to store anything at all, check what we have listed or leave your details and we’ll let you know for free when it gets listed!
say that it's one of those ideas that make perfect sense as soon as they hear it.  When we describe our service to people, we see them thinking furiously about the potential revenue they can earn from all the spare storage space they have in their home, garage, sheds and offices.  We also see them thinking about how they finally have found a way to find a convenient and safe place to put some of their overflow items.
Right now we are working on getting the word out there so please feel free to tell your friends, family and work colleagues.
Thanks for reading about us.